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Looking at things this way . . .

I was intrigued by this image. At first I saw the man face on. I couldn't quite make the transition to seeing him in profile until I wrapped my mind around that idea.

I wonder how often that happens in our lives as individuals and as a congregation. We have always seen things "face on" but then someone else, who has always seen things in profile, challenges us to look at things another way. And we challenge them to see things from our perspective as well. Are we willing to do the work to look at things another way?

I suspect that is largely what happened with Jesus and the people with whom he interacted, Their expectation of God, of a Messiah, was set from one perspective. It was threatening when all they had "known" was seen from a different vantage point. Some responded with love and devotion, although not without difficulty in doing that! Some responded with fear and others with hate.

Some still do.

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