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Transition Update # 1


Christ Church has a new home!

We are happy to report that Christ Church Anglican will be moving to the Greenwood Baptist Church property on Greenwood Avenue … just around the corner and in our neighbourhood.


While there are real estate and legal matters to attend to, we are in good hands with people like Colin Dennis (who is acting for us in real estate matters) and Jane Mesich (who is the treasurer of our Diocese). Both of these people, among others, deserve our gratitude.

There are several milestones ahead of us, including completion of our final inspections of the new building, as we move towards possession of our new church building in early July. As announced this past Sunday we are planning to celebrate our final service at Christ Church on Vimy Sunday September 7th and begin our worship together at Christ Church on Greenwood Avenue on September 14th.   We expect to have Bishop Stephen with us on September 14th and Rev. Canon Murray will be the celebrant for the September 7 service and Bishop Andrews will celebrate the first service in our new home.

In the midst of this good news is the acknowledgment that we have much work to do to aid in the smooth transition. While most of the work is physical there is a need to understand and honour the significant emotions tied to this move. As Marie said in her sermon last Sunday, “we need to look back, look forward and look up!”

Below are some key points, identified in these early days, related to our transition.

Our move to the Greenwood Avenue site ...

  • Will be led by a transition team (Rev. Marie, Laughlin (Red) Trowsdale, Dave Saad and Colin Vickers);
  • already approximately 20 major tasks or activities addressing preparations for the move, actual move, preparation of our new church home and liturgical/service needs have been identified … the list growing;
  • there is everything from organizing and inventory, working on some physical changes to the sacristy and sanctuary (affectionately known as Anglicizing) to preparing for our last service here and the first service in the new church building;
  • there are many jobs, described in our plan, that need to be done;
  • while the transition team will guide the activities there is an opportunity/need for parishioners to help out throughout the late spring and summer;
  • the committee will reach out to people with specific talents who can lead an activity;
  • as Christians we know the importance of being good followers ... there will be plenty of opportunities to assist with tasks ... something for everyone; not all physical labour
  • we hope that you will respond to the call for help;
  • some of the planning and initial work will take place this month; majority through the summer; and,
  • as a congregation “on the move”, we will need to keep in touch through email and telephone in order to keep pace with our work and respond when needed.


Hopefully you will answer the call to help in the midst of holidays. If you have any comments or questions, please contact one of the Transition Team members?

The Venerable Marie Loewen

Laughlin (Red) Trowsdale

Dave Saad

Colin Vickers

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