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Subject: Uganda
Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 16:42:23 +0000

This is the first time that I have had an internet connection so am writing a short note while we are waiting for our dinner sitting in the garden of the hotel at 8pm.
 This has been an incredible experience and so far we have done 4 distributions of 416 bedkits in different areas in the western region of Uganda. Today we left at 7am for a 3-4 hour drive before reaching our destination to deliver the bedkits
and then went for lunch about 3pm before driving another hour to our hotel . Unfortunately the bus blew a tire after lunch so we sat at the side of the road while the bus driver and one of our team members who use to be a truck driver (82 Years old) changed the tire. So it was great to get here and have a hot shower.  The Ladies of the Inner Wheel that we work with and are with us for the whole trip are wonderful and have organized everything including all the children, the bedkits delivered at each location,lunches, and the hotels.
  We begin every morning with a prayer by one of the ladies and sing songs as we journey along in this very crowded bus but it is so much fun.
 Yesterday we had a free day but didn’t get to church as it was our day for a safari and a boat ride so we saw elephants,
water bucks, water buffalo, hippopotamus, wart hogs, crocodiles, and lots of different species of birds. It was a long day from 6am to 8pm in the very hot sun but a wonderful day.
  If you go on website you can see videos of our trip.
  Dinner has arrived- hopefully I can get a connection again

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