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Walter Brueggemann (has) suggested that the primary challenge facing the Christian Church in North America in the 21st century is that for most of our people, God is no longer a primary actor in the story of their lives. Don’t get me (or Walter!) wrong: it’s not that our people don’t believe in God, it’s just that apart from church they don’t think about God all that much.


What does it mean to be the Church - the Body of Christ - in North Bay, in 2016, from Monday to Saturday?  Is it enough to be a friendly place where all who enter can feel at home?  Is it enough to be a place where we worship in familiar surroundings with beautiful liturgy and proclaim the Creeds that have summarized our faith for thousands of years?  All of this is important and precious to us, and it should be!  All of this is a welcome part of our lives as the Body of Christ gathered on Greenwood Avenue.  But is there more?  Over the next few weeks we will explore this question.

What questions do you have about what it means to really be the part of this local congregation - and to be part of the Church Universal - God's people of every race, nation and language ? Share your questions here or email a note to Rev. Marie so we can explore this together (  Or drop into the Thursday "Coffee and Conversation" time at 10:30 where we will be discussing this in a free and open conversation over the next weeks.

The promise?  There IS more, and it is wonderful!


  1. Elizabeth Piche

    Hello Reverend Marie
    You mentioned you have not read any of my poems and since you also were interesting in hearing how we think of being part of a congregation I thought I would combine the two. So here is one I just wrote I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    He is, He was, He Is to Come

    Who is he, who is always there?
    Who lights our path,
    He is in the very air we breathe,
    Do we take for him for granted?
    Do we for get to thank him?
    To include him with in
    For he is there whether we do or not,
    He forgives us and is patient as a parent to a child.

    How is it, that we can selfishly ignore him?
    Why do we take paths not meant for us?
    We can pretend he is not there,
    But he is and always will be,
    Even when we abandon him,
    He never does the same,
    Always waiting for our eyes to reopen,
    His strength is always waiting for us to feel it.

    Why do we talk like he is not there?
    When he has sacrificed so much,
    Because of his most powerful love for us,
    Always there, hopeful that we open,
    Our hearts and soul to him alone,
    We must stop and open our selves
    For he is and always was there for us,
    And he will come some day for all.

    Share his words as his son was shared,
    Listen to each other as he listens to us,
    Breathe the air that he has given to us,
    Open our eyes to the creation of earth,
    His gifts to us as his passion is great,
    His power is greater than any and all,
    His love will crush all hate,
    He is, he was, and he is to come.

    Written By: Liz Piche
    This 5th day of April, 2016

    1. Rev Marie

      Thank you Elizabeth. It was great to read this and it made me think hard! I so appreciate you sharing it.


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