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One of the lovely gifts we have at Christ Church is our beautiful gardens! They bring glory to God and much joy to our neighbours and ourselves - when they are well kept!

A number of folks who have faithfully - and quietly - tended the gardens for years are finding they are unable to do so this year. They remain happy to help with advice and guidance though!

If you have a green thumb - or a not so green thumb but would be willing to be the muscle to come alongside another with knowledge but questionable knees, and you could give a couple of hours a month over the growing season, we'd love to hear from you.

Our hope is to get a team together who could work jointly, or as individuals, to keep the gardens weeded and trimmed up as the season progresses. This would take an hour or two a week, so if we had several folks on the team, you might end up on "yard duty" a couple or three times a season.

If you are interested, please respond to this email.

As well, a few of us would love to establish a quiet "memory garden" If this sparks your interest, please talk to Rev. Marie about it!

Happy growing - in your gardens and in your soul!
Rev. Marie

Tomorrow is Camp Temiskaming Sunday! It is a day when we celebrate our Deanery camp, and have some fun doing that. Please feel free to come to church in "camp clothes". The leadership of the service will be shared with our young people, and after the service - rain or shine - we'll have a Barbecue. We'll supply the hamburgers and such - you bring a salad or dessert or something to share ( enough for yourself and some others) and, as always - we will eat really well.

See you there!!!

Rev. Marie

We hope to see you tonight at Christ Church around 5 pm for a light snack and discussion.

We are continuing the assessment process at Christ Church and tonight is our first book discussion ( haven't read the book? Don't worry - we'll fill you in - we want to have YOU be part of this!). By the way - you don't need to read a whole book - just three chapters for all the discussions! And we have lots of the books at the church.

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say "I heard God"? How does one "hear God"?
How do we listen for God in our everyday lives?
How is Christ Church doing at listening to God as we "Step Forward and Step Out"?
Are there other/better/different ways to do this that are rooted in the Scriptures and Christian experience?

All of these questions and many more have to do with our topic of the evening "Discernment"

If you haven't picked up a book yet and would like to read the short chapter before the meeting, drop by the church today - we have some new copies in and you can read the chapter in a few minutes - or just come!

See you tonight!
Rev. Marie