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Wow! Our first "Messy Church" time was just wonderful, with almost 60 people having a great time painting pumpkins into globes, making pipe cleaner insects, fingerpainting a mural and trying various challenges.

Then we had a 6 foot diameter globe to play with outside and young kids and folks wishing they were kids too had a "ball" in the fall sunshine.

The worship time featured a marvellous reading of the Creation story. Tammy had the children - and their adults - engaged and excited as they learned about how God created our world.

We finished off with some singing, a grace and a great meal.

All in all, we think that it was a wonderful time of worship, fun and community building. Thanks to all who made it happen - and even more to the Spirit who was so evidently there!

You'll want to bring your young friends along and join us on October 25!

Christ Church is hosting its first Messy Church on Thursday, September 27.

WHERE:  Christ Church Anglican, 890 Vimy St., North Bay

TIME:  4:45 to 6:45 p.m. (includes supper)

but Messy Church starts whenever you get there.

WHO:  Messy Church is for the young and young at heart.

Children bring an adult along with them, and adults are welcome to come “solo.”


WHAT:  Messy Church offers an opportunity for families to explore their faith, come together in a lively worship unlike anything you may think church is like, to meet new people and to share a meal. Messy Church is family time for playing a game, doing a craft, exploring faith and enjoying a good meal (no one has to cook on Messy Church night).


Our Messy Church theme this month is:  “Giving Thanks for God’s Creation”

Hello Folks, Welcome Back!
It is wonderful to be able welcome everyone back after what I am sure was an eventful and busy summer for most of us! As a church family we aren’t wasting any time getting back into the full swing of things, beginning with our ‘Rally Sunday’ on September 9, 2012. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and families back with us to start a great and blessed year together.
We have a few new programs starting in addition to our regular Bible Studies including ‘Messy Church’, a redesigned youth group (Kid Crusaders), and our ‘Brown Bag Eucharist’. Sunday School is also starting on September, 16 with ‘Teen Talk Time’ for the older youth and our first parish breakfast following this service.
We also have some special activities in the works for the fall season including, but not limited to, advent wreath making, our Back to Church Sunday, our men’s and women’s Cursillo and a Quiet Day of meditation to begin the Advent season. I hope to see many of you at these special events.
Please see below for details on any of our upcoming activities and be sure to enter them into your calendar.
This fall I will be in my office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (most weeks). Drop in to see me if you like. I know I look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming weeks!

Rev. Marie


Worship Events

Sunday Sept 9- Rally Sunday (One service)

Thursday Sept 13- 12:10 to 12:45 Brown Bag Eucharist begins – (note change of        day)

Sunday Sept 16 –
o Two services begin (8:30 and !0:00 am)
o Breakfast
o Sunday School begins

Sunday Sept 30Back to Church Sunday – Harvest Home

Sept 27-30- Men’s Cursillo

Oct 11-13- Women’s Cursillo

Sunday Oct 7First Sunday – Thanksgiving (one service at 10 am)

Dec 1 – 9:30-3 Pre-Advent Quiet Day

• Dec 2 – Advent begins

Weekday Activities

Bible Studies

(no experience required for any of these!)
Monday 1-3pm –         Bible Connections (Book of Exodus)
Tuesday 7-8 am –       Sonrise Study (Book of Luke)
Thursday 10 – 11:30Lectionary Learning (Looking at the readings for Sunday)

Family Activities

***NEW****Messy Church****NEW****

Fourth Thursday of every monthDoors open at 5, finish at 6:45

This new ministry provides community families with an opportunity to connect with others, have fun, food and worship together while learning Bible basics. This is open to the young and young at heart (children bring an adult with them, but adults are welcome to come “solo”). See Rev. Marie if you are interested in being part of “The Team” or helping with the food.

Kid CrusadersThursday evenings from 6 to 8 pm (first 3 Thursdays of the month)
Grade 5 and up : TheThird Thursday of the month will be a “Bible” Thursday. The first two Thursdays will be activity nights and the fourth Thursday will see the youth taking part in ‘Messy Church’.

Sunday School – Open to all children (grade 5 and under), this learning opportunity that takes place during the service.

****NEW****Teen Talk Time****NEW****

This lively discussion will take place on Sunday mornings, between the sermon and communion for youth grade 5 and up. The teens will gather in the Friendship Room for a short, but open conversation about the sermon and readings they have just heard

Advent Wreath Making Nov. 25th– This is a nature walk and wreath making activity with Craig and Elaine Hurst. It is always fun and a great family activity.

Ladies' Tea - date to be determined

November 28- (Date Tentative) Prayer Pal Reveal Dinner - if you know about this program you will know the children eagerly anticipate this evening, as do their Prayer Pals!  If you don't know about this program, please see Elsie Black or Ellen Vaughan!


A prayer for Labor Day

God, maker of the universe,

who work moment by moment

to sustain Creation,

bless those who labor,

who work for the weal of the world.

For those whose unseen labor eases our lives

may we always be mindful and grateful.

For their diligence and pride in craft

and faithful service we render thanks.

For those who work for the sake

of people they will never see,

we ask your blessing.

For those who risk and suffer,

we ask your protection.

For those whose work is demeaning,

whose conditions are poor,

whose pay is unfair,

we pray for justice.

We give honor to those whose labor

is unseen and unrewarded.

We pray for those whose labor is forced,

without rest, or freedom or dignity;

for all who are coerced, endangered, enslaved,

exploited or abused: we cry for justice.

We pray for those who seek labor

and who find none,

who are prevented by their bodies

or their society from meaningful work.

We give thanks for all who labor,

and pray that all may know the blessing

of your Sabbath gift of rest.

Holy One, you who labor for our life,

bless our work, that it may serve you

and the mending of the world.

from Unfolding Light

Christ Church was very happy to have the Rev'd Jesse Zink celebrate the eucharist and preach this past Sunday. We were delighted to meet his new wife, Debbie, prior to their move to England as PhD student and vicar respectively. Jesse signed copies of his book, Grace at the Garbage Dump, after the service.  We look forward to following their various ministries in the United Kingdom.


Jesse Zink
Beth (Jesse's Mom), Rev'd Marie, Jesse, Debbie, Tom (Jesse's Dad)

Rev. Andrew Mills reflects on the difference between encouraging people to "make a decision for Jesus" ( in and of itself a good thing!) and making disciples.

As we approach "Back to Church Sunday" we might ask the same questions about the difference between encouraging people to come to church and be part of the church ( again, in and of itself a good thing) and the process of making disciples.

Our Mission Statement is "To know Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to make Him known". Knowing Jesus Christ and making him known is a lifelong process of discovery and deepening relationships. It involves both being and making disciples.
So our motto might be "Being disciples, who are making disciples"!

What do you think about what Pastor Andrew has to say?

Mother Teresa wrote this:

You, in the West, have the spirituality poorest of the poor much more than you have the physically poor. Often among the rich are very spiritually poor people. I find it easy to give a plate of rice to a hungry person, to furnish a bed to a person who has no bed, but to console or to remove the bitterness, anger and loneliness that comes from being spiritually deprived, that takes a long time.

I think that this is true and deep. Being spiritually deprived leads to anger, bitterness, and loneliness. And changing that reality doesn’t happen through a tract, it doesn’t happen through one conversation, it doesn’t happen through one big event. Changing that reality takes time, commitment, conversation, and, most of all, Jesus Christ.

I’ve often said that we here are much more interested in people becoming disciples of Jesus, rather than just making decisions about Jesus. Making disciples takes a while. It means addressing people’s spiritual deprivation, their hurt, anger, bitterness, and loneliness. It means being Jesus to them over the long haul. Not just a few weeks, but months, and years.

So here is my question for you: who are you committing to long-term?

It’s not just about giving someone a plate of rice. It’s about giving a plate of rice each week, sitting down for conversation, for connection and for a shared commitment. So that’s my question, who are you committing to be there with, watching, hoping, and expecting Jesus to become real in their life.

Because remember we’re here to make disciples, not just help people make decisions…

Chris Wilson reports that the youth group raised $3155.75 for World Vision during the 30 Hour Famine this year.
This is a terrific accomplishment and the largest amount ever raised by the youth groups at Christ Church. Chris offers thanks to the grace of God, the help of Rev'd Jeffery Hooper and the Emsdale Youth, and the generosity of all of friends and family.


We are very proud of the efforts to care for "the least of these".  Youth will meet after Church on Sunday, June 24th to distribute rewards.