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With the rapid expansion of the "Hill Area" of North Bay [the north
and what is now called Pinewood], area residents decided to form a 3rd
Anglican Church to join the other 2 Anglican Churches--St John's on Main Street
and St Brice's on Cassells Street.

The first vestry meeting was held on 23 April 1956 and 41 people were
present for the first services which were held at Harvey Street Public
School during August of 1957. The first Rector, the Reverend Murray Tipping
came to us from St Luke's Cathedral in Sault Ste Marie. Almost immediately
there were formed a Women's Auxiliary and a Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen.

The Diocese of Algoma purchased the land for Christ Church for $11,400
[plus services!]. Within 2 years there was a Parish Hall [$40,000] and
an addition [$16,000] for the Sunday School. Archbishop Wright Parish Hall
was dedicated by The Most Reverend William L Wright, Archbishop of Algoma
and Metropolitan of Ontario, on 1 October 1958.

The Second Rector
of Christ Church was the Reverend Leslie T Peterson who assumed his responsibilities
in 1963 and remained until 1978. Rev'd Peterson moved to Holy Trinity Church
in Parry Sound and later was elected Bishop of Algoma. "Bishop Les" was
always a favourite visitor to Christ Church and the Parish honoured him
in 1994 during his "retirement tour".

The Third Rector of Christ Church was the Reverend Bill Ellam who became
Rector in 1978. "Father Bill" was ably
assisted from 1983 until 1990 by the Reverend Canon Arthur Chabot. During
"Father Bill's" tenure, the parishioners along with all former Rectors,
gathered to celebrate a mortgage burning. Over 100 people gathered to enjoy
good fellowship, good food and the highlight of the evening -- fiddling
by firelight. The firelight of the burning mortgage!

In 1991 the building was transformed from one that resembled a school
to one that looked like a Church with the addition of a new roof. Of course,
the warm, welcoming and accepting nature of the parishioners has never
altered while the outside appearance of the building changed radically.

A further change in building structure occurred in 1996 as we added
a new porch and entry way during the tenure of Christ Church's 4th Rector,
the Reverend Dawn Henderson. "Rev'd Dawn" assumed her position in the Fall
of 1991, coming to us from her position as assistant curate at Holy Trinity,
Sault Ste Marie.  Rev'd Dawn is presently the Incumbent at All Saints' Anglican,
Huntsville, Ontario and the Archdeacon of the Deanery of Muskoka.

The 1st Rector of Christ Church, The Reverend Murray Tipping, returned to
us as our Honorary Assistant.

The Rt Rev'd Les
Peterson, The Rev'd Dawn Henderon & The Rev'd Murray Tipping
at our 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving celebrations.

The 5th Rector of Christ Church was the Reverend Douglas
Parrett who came to us via Newfoundland, New Brunswick and
Montreal.   Rev'd Douglas continued our tradition of excellent
preaching and faithfulness to God's Word. 

Peter and Yvette Rob and Marie

Our 6th and current Rector is the Reverend Marie
Loewen.  Rev'd Marie is a long time North Bay resident who brings to
Christ Church a sincere love of people and dedication to preaching the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The parish has celebrated the 60th anniversary of the ordination of Rev'd Tipping and the collation of Rev'd Marie as the Archdeacon of Temiskaming.
On September 14, 2014, we celebrated the consecration of our new building at 312 Greenwood Avenue, formerly the home of Greenwood Baptist Church. The warm and welcoming congregation is enjoying their new home and anticipating all God is going to do in our new location.

We thank God for over 50 years of knowing Jesus Christ and proclaiming Him as
Lord and Saviour!

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