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February 2011

Noreen Vivan, Grace Weekes, Bev Brownlee, Beth Hewson

  1. Loonies
    for Lent:

    The project is with the
    Church of the Apostles in Moosonee helping support their outreach
    activities.? Colin Vickers will
    do a presentation at the family service n Sunday March 6th.


  2. Speakers:
    Sandy and John Best are two
    Christians who have done missionary work in the Middle East.
    Sandy is a nurse and John is a contractor.
    They attend the local Baptist Church.
    They are willing to do an evening presentation on their experiences
    in Jordan.? Committee agreed.
    The date is Tuesday, March 15th at 7:00pm at Christ
    Church.? More information to
    follow.? Beth will need help with
    publicizing the event. ??

  3. Daily Bread:

    Ladies Fellowship group
    will give a donation for the Daily Bread for the year.
    Grace will make a presentation this Sunday ? February 27th
    about the value of the Daily Bread.

  4. Ladies Fellowship Group:

    The Spring Tea is Saturday
    May 7th.? The group
    will match the church budgeted mission items for the 2011.

18 January 2011 ?Minutes -

  1. Ladies:
    Spring Luncheon and Bake Sale, Saturday 07 May.
    Quiche and salad.

    1. Red mentioned
      ideas about a bake-off competition
    2. We need a new
      calling list.
  2. Sponsored
    new girl is 11 from the West Bank of Jerusalem?Wala
    Mohamad Bajawi.
  3. Sleeping
    Children Around the World ? bed kits for children.

    100% of donations goes toward the bed kit.
    $35 for 1 kit.
  4. Budget for
    We discussed our current and proposed mission projects.

    1. Returning
      PWRDF, Wycliffe Bible Translations, Camp
      Temiskaming, Camp Manitou [June], AMSC, Canadian Bible Society
    2. New Missions:

Radio Station:
we voted to put them back on our list for 2011

Children Around the World

Gathering Place

    1. $100 for each of
    2. Our Daily
      will be handled by Ladies Group.
      Grace and Beth will give a promotional
      report in February.

  1. Food Bank
    Sundays will continue.

    Food goes to food bank at St John?s except
    December?s collection goes to the Gathering Place.
  2. Shoebox
    We will ask Dave Henschel to investigate the delivery
    methods for this charity.

  3. White Gift
    Sunday ? OK.
    November promo.
    November 27th
  4. Christian
    Salvage Mission:

    we will have a month dedicated to the
  5. Loonies for
    Colin Vickers in investigating a link with the church
    in Moosonee/Moose Factory.

    March 6th
  6. We discussed
    the idea of a prayer tent at the Relay for Life.

    We are looking for someone in the congregation
    to ?champion? the cause.

  7. Salvation
    We received a certificate of thanks from the Salvation
    Army for our work at the Christmas kettles.

  8. The 30 Hour
    Promotion: March 27th
    & Event: April 3

29 September 2010 Minutes - Highlights?

  1. Newcomers? Gift Packages
    List created of Newcomers and
    Beth will deliver
    this group of gifts to the folks.
    About 10 gift packages are made and will be ready to be circulated to
    new folks.? The system and timing
    of delivery is still in experiment stages. ?

  2. Operation Shoebox:

    Supplies have been delivered and Dave Henschel and family are
    coordinating the project.? More
    will follow in the next couple of weeks.?

  3. Bike Ride:

    Marie has a link with a group who organizes bike rides for Christian
    fundraising purposes.?
    Marie to send link to members.

  4. Korogocho Mission:

    Currently the mission does not appear stable.
    After much consideration Christ Church will withhold its 2010
    financial contribution.? As a
    Church we will continue to pray for this mission.
    Will bring this change to Advisory Board.?

  5. White Gift Sunday:

    Group agreed to collect mittens, scarves, hats and individual sized
    toiletries for
    Possiblity of two Faith moments.

  6. Food Bank Sunday:

    At beginning of each month the Church collects non perishable goods
    for the St. John?s Church Food Back and in December the food goes to the
    Gathering Place.? Another
    suggestion ? the Baptist Church has a food collection for the students.
    It was agreed to donate to this basket one time per year, if they
    want the donation.? ?Beth
    to talk to Bob Franklin re: the change.

Outreach Meeting 21
April 2010?

Norene opened with


  1. Agreed that
    Barbara Graham presented good information re: Council of the North, however,
    delivery was long.

    The church will send the cheque to
    the week of April 25
  1. Beth will ask Aase
    Jensen or a

    representative to come to do a Faith Moment during May?.if okay with
    Reverend Marie.
  1. Discussed
    whether future meetings are needed ? two people have attended the last two
    Recommendation to cancel future meetings but to meet on
    an as needed basis. Could people respond to this recommendation with there
    thoughts via email to everyone, please?

Norene closed with

Outreach Meeting

February 2010

meeting began with prayer led by Norene.


Joan Franklin collects some stamps for the Bible Society ? however not
?on a regular basis.
She was in agreement that the stamps that the Church collects go to the
Christian Salvage Mission.

The Leitchs? would like to visit and possibly preach at the Church.
Beth to confirm a future date with them.


Need to find an interested party to coordinate information re: PWRDF.





located in

Prince Albert

in the diocese of the Council of the North will be the receipts of the Loonies
for Lent project this year. Canisters to be made available for parishioners.

ended with prayer.


are as follows:?
Wednesday, March 24th,
Wednesday, April 21st, and Wednesday, May 19th.
Meetings start at


?November 2009


Joyce has made a box in which people are welcome to put
ideas and suggestions for missions.

Which missions to support?
How much?

part of General Synod of

Council of the North and overseas missions.

Distinct from GS

for Lent.
Could we ask Rev?d Barb to do a service perhaps at the end
of January to speak about Council of the North. Beth will talk with Rev?d Marie
about next best steps.

Shoebox [Nov 21 deadline] and Christian Salvage Mission are going well.

CSM will end at the end of November

Gift Sunday ? Don P asks that we consider donating White Gift items to the OH,
Regional Program.

Adult scarves are especially needed, but also mitts
and toques.
th. Agreed.

Feb -- Faith
moment about Santhosa Mary.

Grace will try
to find out some information about the church in Kash.

There is a need
for people to volunteer at the annual Christmas dinner at the Pro-Cathedral.

Grace will ask
Jill at the Soup Kitchen ? if we were to donate 1 of our monthly food bank
collections to them, what would be appropriate? Would they like that?

09 December 5 pm

October 2009

Outreach - 09
September 2009

  1. Food drive has
    begun quite successfully.

  2. Jeff &
    Michelle are expecting their first child.

    Jeff will soon be posted. They are both willing
    to do a longer presentation than they did in April.

  3. Christian
    Salvage Mission is starting and we?ll do it for the next few weeks.

    We will take anything Christian ? devotionals,
    books, Sunday School materials, Bibles, music, DVDs, cassettes, Christian
    magazines, cancelled stamps [please trim them].

    We will be doing this throughout October.
  4. Bev will do a
    faith moment in November about Santhosa Mary.

    November 1st.
  5. Rev?d
    ? The government is changing their rules about how much we can give to an
    un-registered charity.

    St Brice?s is looking into this and we will put
    this mission on hold for now.
  6. We also discussed
    Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Leitchs.
  7. Council of the
    North has sent information.

    Beth is going to talk to Terry Way-White about
    Perhaps we will use Jan-Feb to educate the congregation
    about CN.
  8. What is the
    relationship between PWRDF and Anglican Appeal?
  9. We also talked about
    doing Christmas Shoeboxes and White Gift Sunday toward Christmas.
  10. Rev?d Marie
    suggested for next Pentecost weekend to have a walk/run on the Saturday.

    Proceeds to the

    Gathering Place?
    Rev?d Marie will ask them first whether they are interested; and then she?ll
    propose this to the other 3 Anglican churches.

Oct 7th
5 pm;
Nov 4
th at

5 pm;
Dec 9
th at
5 pm

If anyone wants to suggest a mission that we budget for in
2010, they are invited to the October 7
meeting of the Outreach Committee [with your presentation]

Outreach - 26 May 2009

  1. Spaghetti
    tickets were given out and we know of at least 2 people who used our
    complimentary tickets.

    Perhaps next time, we?ll consider our mail
  2. Jeff & Michelle did
    their presentation on their time in

    It is amazing how the people they visited worked in faith?building a school
    on the strength of $250 star up mone!
  3. Food drives ? Food
    St Brice?s, Salvation Army also have food banks.

    Schools hold annual food drives in the fall and
    contribute to the Food Bank.

    we make 1
    Sunday of the month food bank Sunday; people are welcome to donate to the
    Food Banks at any time, but the 1st Sunday could become a Sunday of special
    intention? for the Food Banks.

    Referred to Advisory Board.
  4. Christian Salvage
    ? collects old Bibles, devotionals, Sunday School materials, cancelled
    postage stamps, etc. They send the materials internationally.
    After we speak with the Advisory Board, Beth will contact local contact
    person. And they collect postage stamps.

    We will promote this. Joyce will check that Joan
    is still collecting stamps
  5. We will be adding
    Santhosa Mary to our weekly prayers.
  6. Mary Sherwood is in


    at the moment.

  7. Rev?d Marie will contact Franklin Otwama to see whether he is coming to
    visit in the near future

Next meeting: Wednesday 09 September

Outreach - 14 April 2009

  1. We discussed
    the water donations and project.

    The Canadian Government
    will be matching our funds. As of March 29
    we had $1400 which was matched by our anonymous donor.

  2. Envelopes have been
    delivered to our user groups for the Spaghetti Supper
  3. Camp
    rep is coming on May 3
    We?ve sent $700 already to
    them and will also put out a basket on May 3
  4. Red has put together
    a PowerPoint of Jeff and Michelle?s time in

    Beth will discuss with
    Rev?d Marie when to show this?perhaps 26
  5. Ideas for
    something local? The OH? Food Bank? Gathering Place?
    Salvation Army? Coat drive at Redeemer Lutheran. Beth contacting a local
    Food Bank; Linda contacting schools to find out when the local food drive
    ? ?Would
    we do something in Advent like the Loonies for Lent?
  6. When are group
    resumes in the fall, we would like to suggest to the Advisory Board where
    any percentage of surplus might go.

  7. We will mention iyr
    new mission envelopes on Sunday

Next meeting:? Tuesday 26 May

Outreach 18
March 2009

  1. Grace gave us
    a reading from Zechariah 4 and asked whether we are

    God in spirit and in truth
  2. We talked
    about our mission that we?ve received from Jesus [Great Commandment, Great
    The question was
    raised whether we personally, and as a church are doing ?the work of the
  3. Grace wondered
    whether we could send a couple of tickets to each of our user groups to our
    next spaghetti supper?

    CODA, 3 AAA, Brownies.
    Linda will get some cards and tickets for group.
    Grace & Linda ? CODA; AA Wednesday
    ? Beth; Friday AA ?
    11 am Grace; Friday evening

    6:30 pm
    Beth; Brownies ? Monday
    6:30 pm
    ? Joyce.

  4. Our next Mall dates are May 2nd
    and 9

  5. There was a discussion about
    how to ?do mission? within our own walls;
    how to incorporate people into our parish without pushing them too hard or
    too soon.
  6. Camp
    someone has donated some money to the Camp.
    We recommend that the Advisory Board send out
    the money at this time of year to help the Camp in its planning.
  7. 26 April ? Aase
    Jensen will come to do a Faith Moment on

    We will be asking Aase
    whether she can come May 3
    and we will put out the loonie/toonie tent? Canoe? [Yes, she is willing to
    switch to May 3
  8. Water Project
    ? matching funds?

    Joanne will have to communicate with Chuck
    Vaughan about matching funds.

    Beth will consult with Joanne and Chuck
  9. Beth has e-mailed
    Myles and Janet Leitch about visiting us. Or, is there a video they could
    send about their work?
  10. 30 Hour Famine
    ? April 24-26 for Youth Group.

    Would Youth like to speak about event in a Faith
    Moment 19 April?

  11. May 3rd
    Cornerstone Gospel Singers
  12. Linda presented the
    envelope selections and we made a choice.
  13. A postcard from Jeff
    and Michelle will be posted.
  14. How much do we
    spend on missions:

    $5230.18 from 2008 budget.
    $942 from apportionment.
    Youth Group nearly $1609.
    $448. = 8229.00 or $163,153.00 which means about
    How much should we spend on missions?

Outreach - 10 February

  1. Talked about our Youth
    Group corresponding with our sponsored children

  2. Ladies Fellowship is
    waiting to hear who their new sponsored child will be; Youth Group is also
    waiting for theirs.

  3. We hope to coordinate
    cheques going out to missions with the 2 month period in which we are going
    to highlight that mission.

  4. There was a presentation on
    two local charities.

  5. Loonies for Lent will be
    sent to a "water project" somewhere in the globe through one of
    the legitimate Christian charities [perhaps PWRDF or World Vision].

  6. In the summer, we would
    like to make a recommendation about tithing future surpluses to missions.

  7. This month we will be
    working to get an accurate picture of all the money that goes out from our
    church to missions.

  8. Next meeting March 18th at
    5 pm.

Outreach - 19 November

  1. Reported on fundraising for
    Mary Sherwood

  2. Re-affirmed the recommended
    charities for 2009 and the $100 proposal.

  3. Beth suggested a schedule
    for education about the charities:? Jan-Feb Mary Sherwood [normally,
    but 2009 replaced by Cdn Bible Society since we just did Mary Sherwood
    fundraising; Mar-Apr Canadian Bible Society & Wycliffe; May-June the 2
    camps; Sep-Oct Vision Peoples; Nov-Dec PWRDF

  4. Talked about creating and
    having printed Mission Envelopes which would list our 7 charities and
    provide a place for people to enter their name and regular envelop
    number.? We anticipate this would be for people who want to donate more
    than the loonie/twonie.? Will implement in January

  5. We decided to ensure we
    pray for our missions at each meeting

  6. Linda will ensure there are
    web links for each mission

  7. White Gift Sunday - We are
    hoping to send these gifts to the Gathering Place Soup Kitchen

Outreach - 28 October

  1. We finalized the guidelines
    to be presented to the Advisory Board

  2. We are suggesting $100 each
    for the 7 seven charities until we have our Church review in 2009

  3. We discussed the Christmas
    Books for the Jail project and thought it might best be handled through a Faith

  4. We decided to pass on PR
    for PWRDF since each parishioners had just received PR via their
    subscription to the Anglican Journal.

  5. We recommended a renewed
    push for White Gift Sunday, 30th November

Outreach - 23 September

    1. Mary
      Sherwood [
      ? Anglican Mission Society Committee] will be speaking at



Thursday 23 October at
7:00 pm
.? Joyce Edwards is our contact
person with Mary.

  • We
    reviewed the draft guidelines for our committee.
    Beth is updating and will forward to us and the Advisory Board.



    1. We
      agreed that whenever we decide to discontinue supporting a charity, we
      will notify that charity in advance so that they can make alternate plans.
  1. Generally
    at the first Sunday service of the month [not July or August], we will try
    to schedule a 5 minute Faith presentation by our contact person.
    The plan is that the contact person will inform us about the
    mission/outreach/project.? There
    will be a jar for collections and we will suggest people donate a twonie for
    the mission or for the fellowship goodies and that money will be added to
    the charities money from our Church.? Sometimes
    instead of asking for money, we will be asking for prayer or other kinds of
  2. All
    money issues are going to be referred to the Advisory Board/Wardens.

Outreach - 18 June 2008

  • We reviewed the missions we currently support
    [see May meeting] and tried to identify at least 1 person in the
    congregation who had an interested in and contact with the mission.? We
    talked again about having a loonie or twonie presentation during some 10:00
    am services next year to highlight 6 of the missions we support.
  • We are seeking clarification about the role
    the ladies group would like to play in mission, about how to support some
    missions; about how to fund raise for missions.
  • We then discussed a number of guideline
    proposals although any decisions about these will be deferred to the fall:
  • the Outreach committee is a clearing house
    of ideas for missions.? If someone wanted to support a new mission,
    that person should first consult with the Outreach Committee.
  • The Advisory Board makes the final
    decisions about missions
  • Each mission we support as a Church should
    have at least one person in the congregation who can regularly report to
    the congregation about the mission
  • When we consider adding new missions to
    our list in the future, we might want to put a time limit on that
    support.? Our support of the mission should be regularly reviewed
    and our commitment either renewed or discontinued.
  • When examining new missions, the purpose
    of that mission should line up with our mission as a Church

  • next meeting:? Wednesday 17 September [we
    would like to start meeting on Tuesday a week before Advisory Board but that
    also is a decision to be made in the fall


Outreach - 07 May 2008

  • We listed those outreach groups we presently
  • Canadian Bible Society
  • SOMA Canada
  • AMSC
  • Wycliffe
  • OMF
  • CJTK
  • Camps Temiskaming and Manitou
  • Cornerstone Gospel Singers
  • World Vision
  • Mexican Tent Mission
  • African Medical Missions
  • Vision Peoples in Mission
  • Samaritan's Purse Christmas Child [by
    individual parishioners]
  • Some of this "support" is merely
    flow-through - we disburse only as much as parishioners give
  • Vision Peoples:? we received an update
    from Rev'd Franklin and will be sending a donation to his orphanage.
  • Bev gave an overview of the Ladies Fellowship
    outreach programs
  • Recommendations will be made to the Board at
    the May meeting
  • We will recommend that the Church review
    current outreach programs to determine which to continue and which to cease
  • Next meeting:? 18 June 4:45

Outreach - 09 April 2008

  • Review of how African Missions money was
    distributed to the Medical Clinic in Mthatha and the Korogocho Mission in
  • Listed some of the past and current outreach
    and fundraising efforts being conducted
  • We are going to list those outreach groups
    currently receiving prayer and/or money and determine whether there are
    members of the congregation who have a personal interest and would be
    willing to spearhead some education.? We are still hoping to highlight
    different outreach projects each month focusing on educating ourselves about
    the W5s of each group.
  • Idea that we expand the Loonies for Lent
    canister idea to have canisters available for these various outreach
    projects so that people have a choice
  • There was consensus that we should recommend
    to the Advisory Board that new fundraising and/or outreach activities be
    coordinated through the Board
  • Next meeting:? Wednesday 07 May 4:45 pm

Outreach - 12 March 2008

  • The committee discussed how to disperse the
    $365 raised through the African Missions jar
  • There was a discussion about how we make
    decisions on which charities to support?? Would we support any charity
    that's important to a parishioner? or does the charity have to line up with
    the core values of the Church?
  • There are many ways to support a charity - in
    prayer, with money, with publicity, etc.
  • There are limits to how much money we can
    donate to agencies that are not registered charities
  • The Outreach Committee reports to the Advisory
  • Next meeting:? Wednesday 09 April at 4:45

Outreach - 10 January 2008
- a group of 9
people met to brainstorm ideas around raising awareness of missions.? We
reviewed some of the many missions supported by our Church:

  • African missions:? Jesse's and Franklin's
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Canadian Bible Society
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Kairos Prison Ministries
  • Mary Sherwood
  • 30 Hour Famine
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Council of the North?? a future link
    through Bishop Ron?

We then brainstormed how to proceed:

  • begin with the African mission on February
    3rd.? 5-10 minutes presentation about primarily Jesee's since we have
    already had Franklin recently with us
  • jar for loose change campaign
  • could this be Loonies for Lent?? Need
    Advisory Board permission
  • Youth Group is already collecting money to
    support one of Franklin's children
  • get a list of Franklin's children's name and
    we could start a prayer partner program with them
  • Check with Jesse about whether he wants money
    for the clinic and/or books

Mission presentation during family services each
month?? Sometimes, there will be donation jars; but some missions need
other support -- prayer, cookies, clothes, etc.